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A complete document life-cycle management platform that's easy to use, highly flexible and amazingly secure.

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The Problem

Creating, Signing, Validationg Business Agreements is a challenge

The current process of contract creation involves a lot of back and forth, disrupting workflow in organizations. Veriscript aims to curb this challenge by automating and securing the contract closing process by providing a completely online experience, drastically reducing the execution window.

The Solution


A seamless document creation experience. Organize your documents on the go, entirely over the web.


Collaborate with people right from the dashboard and discuss / customize contracts.

Wrap Up

Superfast closure time coupled with authenticated and secured signature process

What Differentiates Us?


Following factors ensure security of your agreements, created and store on our platform.

Aadhaar ID based signing mechanism.
PKI based signing mechanism.
SHA-256 Encryption.
Proof of existence mechanism.
2 factor authentication.


Keep record of each and every action performed by a user on any agreement.

Professional Templates

Choose from wide selection for agreement templates and edit on our flexible & powerful document editor.


Following factors ensure security of your agreements, created and store on our platform.

Parallel Signing.
Priority Signing (Signing Order).
Collaborative group chat.
Automated Document Management.
Document life-cycle tracking.


Go Paperless

Care about the environment? Use of digital contracts would contribute majorly, drastically reducing paper consumption and storage costs.

Automate Your Documents

Forgot to renew that agreement? Our platform helps you keep a track of and manage potentially every possible engagement contract.

Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device

Always on the go? Edit and Sign contracts using multiple devices with a simple OTP, at your convenience.

Validate Authenticity

Everytime you open a document we compare it to the hashed docuement stored in our Blockchain to ensure it's not tampered.

Private Key

Using to SHA-256 and PKI to assure secure access to the documents stored on out platform.

Legally Binding

We're using Aadhaar E-sign service using otp verification which is acceptable by the Court.


Reduction in closure time


Average hours saved


Number of Trees saved


Number of happy customers

Automate your workflow, integrate our APIs