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Collaborate and Close Contracts Instantly

A complete document life-cycle management platform that's easy to use,
highly flexible and amazingly secure.

Built to reduce workflow load and closure time

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Hiring Agencies

Employment Agreement
Client On-boarding

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Job offer
Consumer Consent
Sales Agreement

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VCs / Investment Banks

Term Sheets

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Education Institutes

Student On-boarding
Misconduct Policy
Appreciation certificate

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Influencer Contract
Artist Engagement
Retention Agreement

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Software & Design

Web development Contract
Design Proposals
Maintenance Contract

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  • Upload
    Stamp Duty

    You can now leverage stamp duty in digital contracts. Conveiniently add stamp duty to your contracts in just a few clicks.
  • Audits and
    Negotiation Logs

    Private negotiations logs are attached to the document for future verification. Audit logs track complete life-cycle management of the document.
  • Workspace Effect

    Manage documents with ease between personal documents and documents which have been created in organizations / teams.
  • Only Verified Engagement

    Every signee is verified with their mobile devices before signing to prevent fraud and misrepresentation.
  • Top Level Security

    Systems have been CERT-IN certified and follow RSA 256 BIT encryption providing top-security comfort for sensitive material.
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